Stocksfield WI

We're Stocksfield WI - Give us a try!

Come and make friends and meet your neighbours in an atmosphere of entertainment learning and fun. We are a small friendly branch of the WI, so what do we do? You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Throughout the year we have presentations on a range of diverse subjects such as quilting, fracking, Laurel & Hardy and the interesting lives of Local people.


Including theatre trips and days out to places such as BBC Newcastle and the lavender fields in the Yorkshire.


We aim to help in the village and do teas and cakes at Stocksfield shows. Several of our members make meals and help at the Tuesday Club at the Community Centre.


We take part in WI craft and cookery competitions. Our quiz teams, drafts and domino teams, enter competitions and play against other WI teams.

The wider picture

Meeting with five other WIs, twice a year, gives us the opportunity to meet celebrities such as David Harper from Bargain Hunt and Lucy Adlington from the History Wardrobe. Also, musical evenings, fashion shows, flower demonstrations, cider tasting and more.

WI College

Located in Oxfordshire there are excellent residential courses on cookery, craft and lifestyle. All WI members are ensured of a warm welcome (partners too!).

National WI

Our delegates represent us at Council meetings when WI resolutions are discussed and votes are taken.


Visit us free on three occasions. Yearly subscription, covering monthly meetings, £37.50 (pro rata part way through the year). Includes WI Life magazine

When we meet

1st Wednesday of the month 7.30pm

At SCA. How to find us


Just come along or for more information contact:

Margaret Dewhurst
01661 842568

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The WI is what you make of it

The WI is everything you want it to be


A monthly newsletter, from Headquarters in Seaton Burn, details courses, demonstrations, visits and competitions to which we are invited.